Liberty anesthesia is a private physician-owned and operated anesthesia practice serving Monmouth County and neighboring areas. Since 1994 Liberty Anesthesia has been providing safe, compassionate, quality care to patients at Centrastate Medical Center and numerous surrounding ambulatory surgical facilities. Our services include providing general, regional, and sedation anesthesia for a wide variety of surgical cases including neurosurgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, endoscopy, bariatrics, and robotic surgery.  Liberty anesthesia doctors and nurses place special emphasis on safety and efficiency to ensure cases move promptly and smoothly.  We employ the newest strategies and techniques to maintain patient satisfaction. With the advent of portable ultrasound technology, Liberty Anesthesia doctors have been performing peripheral nerve blocks and indwelling catheters to improve our patients’ perioperative experience.  We even send our patients surveys to ensure their experience was as pleasant as possible!